Barista Skills - Coffee Course


The Advanced Coffee Course aims to provide a thorough and detailed knowledge of the coffee world, starting from botany to the cup, with particular attention to the technical, managerial and economic aspects of the world bar. The mission is to spread and promote the coffee culture according to the quality standards promoted by Scae - Specialty Coffee Association http://scae.com/ 

This course is also valid as preparation for the Scae "Barista Skills Professional" certification of the Coffee Diploma System. 
Theoretical, collective practice with compulsory attendance. 

Program of the course:
- Introduction to the World Scae - Specialty Coffee Association of Europe - meaning and quality coffee promotion program. 
- Know the figure of the Barista Professional's History and Operation of Espresso Machines
- Where coffee was born and what has evolved to date (Third wave)
- Learn to know the differences between species (arabic-robusta-etc)
- Learn to recognize coffee varieties (shape-size-organoleptic characteristics) 
- Know the origin of coffee (producer countries, regions) 
- Understand how to read the label of a Specialty Coffee 
- Know the various cultivation methods 
- Know working / cleaning methods (natural, washed, etc.) 
- The storage of raw coffee 
- Transport (methods and means) 
- Contractual transport information 
- Certifications (eg fair trade) 
- Roasting and evolution of machinery 
- Mixing (choice of varieties and percentages) 
- Grinding: the history of the grinder, its evolution and the correct use of the traditional grinder and on demand 
- Knowing the water (understanding the various water softening / coffee methods) 
- Understand what quantity / granulometry to use for good extraction 
- Learn to make optimum extraction using scientific tools (refractometer, vst, ph-meter) 
- Workstation / service management techniques (multi-order) 
- Waste management
- Knowledge of the various types of milk on the market 
- Knowledge and correct use of professional equipment for proper milking 
- Theory and practice of milk fitting to get a perfect foam Pouring theory and practice to prepare a "traditional" cappuccino 
- Theory and practice to know the technique of "Latte Art" 
- History and preparation of the various coffee based drinks we serve at the bar 
- Customer Management and Sales Techniques 
- Knowledge of the various coffee extraction methods (V60, Chemex, Siphon, etc.) 
- Last but not least, ordinary maintenance (coffee machine cleaning etc. with special products)